At our establishment, you’re within easy reach of charming family outings and historical attractions!

Bathing-friendly Area

Enjoy a refreshing dip nearby. There are several bathing spots close by. The nearest one, Hålsjön’s beach area, is just a short walk away, only 4 km.

Lödöse Museum, 12 km

Just a fifteen-minute drive away lies Lödöse Museum, showcasing archaeological finds from the medieval era and captivating exhibitions.

Read more at lodosemuseum.se

Bohus Fortress, 24 km

In just 20 minutes by car, you can reach Bohus Fortress. A ruin with 700 years of history, designated as one of the seven wonders of Västra Götaland. The fortress features a play area for children and historical exhibitions.

Read more at bohusfastning.com

Ale Golf course, 8 km

Craving a round of golf? Just 10 minutes away lies Ale Golfklubb, offering a challenging park and forest course with water features. Here, you’ll find both a 9-hole and an 18-hole course.

 Read more at alegk.se