With the ambition of fostering a vibrant rural community, we continuously strive to develop enjoyable, inclusive, and, above all, sustainable activities and practices.

In collaboration with hallbarhetsklivet.se we aim to become a trusted player in nature tourism, minimizing our environmental footprint wherever possible.

Panta Mera

In collaboration with https://pantamera.nu/ all cans and PET bottles consumed at Café Torpet are recycled. In 2022, we recycled 8625 cans and bottles.


We are dedicated to minimizing unnecessary waste and invest significant time in carefully planning our purchases and crafting our menu accordingly. Additionally, all food waste is recycled through the municipality’s compost collection program.


With a great passion for reuse, the destination Café Torpet has slowly but surely taken shape with the help of recycled building materials.


With a commitment to nurturing a lively rural community, we are constantly working to develop fun and inclusive activities suitable for all ages. As part of this endeavor, we have placed a high priority on installing designated handicap parking spaces, an accessible restroom, and have made significant portions of the area accessible through paved pathways.

Source Separation

Source separation is ingrained in our practices, and we ensure that all food waste is recycled.

Sustainable Electricity

In collaboration with https://aleel.se/ we are proud to announce that Café Torpet exclusively consumes 100% renewable electricity. As the cherry on top, we deliver home deliveries and catering with electric vehicles.

Local Ingredients

In an era where circular economy is paramount, we actively engage in partnerships with local producers and artisans. These collaborators are also featured in our farm shop and at our renowned markets.

Looking ahead, we aim to incorporate ingredients from Café Torpet’s very own kitchen garden in the near future!


Café Torpet has emerged as a beloved community hub, often spotlighting local talents on our stage.

In the summertime, our stage welcomes Sweden’s cherished artists, and we’ve designed diverse seating options, aiming to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to partake in the experience, regardless of their financial means.