Slereboån valley

A scenic hike in ancient footsteps
4 km


1.5-2 hours





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Slereboån flows through a marked spruce-covered valley between the farms Röserna and Svedjan in Risveden. This environment has long been known for its rich flora, which clearly deviates from the typical in the area.

The valley is bordered to the north by long mountain slopes with natural forest. Below these are several springs where the groundwater emerges. In the west, Gäddevadsbäcken connects with its rapids and falls.

The forest consists of a hundred-year-old spruce forest with elements of even older pines on the slopes. At Svedjan in the west there is a field surrounded by deciduous forest. The rich flora of the spruce forest includes species such as hazel, wood anemone, knotweed and chafing grass. The river has good spawning and nursery grounds for Götaälv salmon and stationary trout. There are also river pearl mussels in some places. Goshawks and common terns are present in the area.

The path through the valley is largely a very beautiful so-called hollow way, an old bridle path, which in places has five parallel branches. It is considered to have been a medieval transportation route from the river valley towards Skarabygden. At Svedjan there are the remains of a house foundation and barn.

Please note: This line is not physically marked. We have recorded a digital trail on existing trails that you can print or download to your phone. You will pass several specially selected natural and cultural heritage sites.

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Sights nearby Slereboån valley

The King of the Forest’s Cabin Ruins

The story of the King of the Forests and his unforgettable commitment to his beloved Ångertuvan.

The salmon ladder

Along the trail, two impressive salmon ladders tell the story of the interaction between man and nature, where technology meets wilderness.

The rich flora

Step into the treasure trove of biodiversity that the Slereboån valley has to offer. Discover the lush flora and unique characteristics of the plants.

Sunken roads

These ancient routes have survived the test of time and tell a story of human travel over the centuries. Let the stories of the dirt roads guide your steps.

Svea Falls

The Svea Falls, a majestic natural treasure along the valley, invite you to a breathtaking experience. Discover what the forces of water and history have shaped here.

Foundation from the cottage Svedjan

The peat foundations of the former Svedjan stand as a silent testimony to a bygone era. Step into the past and uncover its mysteries

The tar stone at Koljas

Discover the place where people once made tar, a place where history merges with the beauty of nature.

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